Social Responsibility

Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos


The Los Cabos Children's Foundation (LCCF) main goal is to fund programs that provide medical assistance for children in the state of Baja California Sur that are suffering from cancer, heart defects and other serious illnesses. In an effort to give back to this beautiful community of Los Cabos, Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos has joined LCCF in changing the world, one children at a time, not only as a corporate donor, but also including their guests in the amazing experience of giving children a better quality of life.

During your stay $1 US Dollar per day will be included on your total bill, which will go directly to helping these wonderful children. We sincerely thank you for your generosity!

For those who would like to contribute with more than $1 Dollar per day to their life-saving programs, the LCCF is most grateful for your kind gesture. Please let the front desk personnel know your preferred donation amount upon check out. Be sure to watch channel 18 for more information on the Los Cabos Children's Foundation work.