Donation Delivery to LCCF: One Dollar per Night Program by Hacienda del Mar

At Hacienda del Mar we´re aware of the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility, since nowadays it is essential to somehow PARTICIPATE with the community, as a way of giving back at least a small part of everything we receive.

This is the reason why we’ve kept a permanent effort to raise awareness among our guests through a campaign we first launched at Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos in 2015, where we invited all our guests to donate $1 dollar per night. 
With this goal in mind, we have kept an open communication channel with our guests and our Hacienda del Mar members, through e-mails, Apps, Social Networks and websites, as well as through weekly activations that seek to promote a more personalized interaction with our guests in a way that we can achieve the following:

  1. Raise awareness – There is a problem/situation that needs to be addressed
  2. Call to action - HDM already makes a monthly donation 
  3. Join efforts – allows us to show more people (guests) how they can collaborate with LCCF

The answer we have received has been good, since our guests´ response has been truly marvelous. The first year we began with the program, we had a participation average of 74% of all our guests; the second year the participation was also 74%; however, in 2017 the percentage of guests that agreed to donate increased to 81%, giving as a result a total of $1,027,249 Mexican Pesos.

Additionally, the group that we belong to, Quinta del Golfo de Cortéz, offers an additional annual donation because our shareholders are convinced by the wonderful work that LCCF conducts.

For us, it is a great privilege to continue contributing to the work that LCCF carries out, since their goals meet ours goals in terms of providing support and medical assistance to the people with a lower income. Therefore, we grant LCCF all of our trust and we choose them as the vehicle to carry out these actions, because it also happens to be a very well-structured organism.

This is the reason why we plan to continue with this initiative. We’ll keep our guests and members well informed in regards to the power of their contributions, inviting them not to stop their actions there and in case they are interested in providing more help, invite them to do so.