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    Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos winner at 100 imperdibles de Mexico

    The night of the unveiling of the 2018 awards has taken the winners of this contest to live a spectacular musical experience filled with magic. An unforgettable evening where the prizewinners lived extraordinary moments as the majesty of various Mexican artists dressed the evening with their art and talent. On October 26th at 6:30 pm, a special ceremony took place at the Ángela Peralta Theater in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, as the winners of the 5th edition of the “Los 100 Imperdibles de México” contest received their awards.

    Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos winner in the HOTELS AND STAYS 2018 category. An extremely awaited night by the nominees, who made a difference and managed to set an example for millions of Mexicans and foreign tourists that seek to live only the best experiences through their senses. The site was beautifully decorated with flower arrangements created by the renowned florist, Cynthia Saloma who allowed the color and texture to shine on and off stage. The traditional “Mojigangas” were in charge of the welcoming act. These carnival-looking masks and costumes were created by the artist, Hermes Arroyo, born in San Miguel de Allende, famous for the art and color that arises from his giant dolls as they stand through the beautiful streets of downtown. The venue, named after the Mexican soprano, was the perfect stage to present the talent of Cesar Secundino, a world-renowned Mexican harpist that presented a series of traditional Mexican musical compositions, along with the National Jazz Orchestra.

    This was the beginning of the granting of the awards that the nominees, now winners, received, thanks to the votes provided by the National Tourism Guide community, as well as the by “Los 100 Imperdibles de México” Contest.

    Throughout the ceremony, lots of words of thanks where pronounced. The feeling of the winners as they received their awards was that of joy, pride and gratitude. The ceremony concluded with a special presentation by the National Jazz Orchestra, the talented harpist César Secundino and other special guests, such as Roberta Viera, whose voice delighted the guests with her stunning presentation of the song “La Llorona”.

    The guests walked together through the streets of the city’s downtown towards “Casa de Europa”, a magnificent colonial-style patio that serves as an exhibition center in San Miguel de Allende, a place that promotes art and culture. Here, the winners and guests enjoyed the delicious canapés offered by Hacienda la Laborcilla de Querétaro, along with Mezcal from Casa Agasajo, and crafted beer from Allende. An “Imperdible” or “Must Do” is not only a recommendation, but also a remainder to preserve the very best of Mexico.

  • Donation Delivery to LCCF: One Dollar per Night Program by Hacienda del Mar

    At Hacienda del Mar we´re aware of the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility, since nowadays it is essential to somehow PARTICIPATE with the community, as a way of giving back at least a small part of everything we receive.

    This is the reason why we’ve kept a permanent effort to raise awareness among our guests through a campaign we first launched at Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos in 2015, where we invited all our guests to donate $1 dollar per night.
    With this goal in mind, we have kept an open communication channel with our guests and our Hacienda del Mar members, through e-mails, Apps, Social Networks and websites, as well as through weekly activations that seek to promote a more personalized interaction with our guests in a way that we can achieve the following:

    1. Raise awareness – There is a problem/situation that needs to be addressed
    2. Call to action - HDM already makes a monthly donation
    3. Join efforts – allows us to show more people (guests) how they can collaborate with LCCF

    The answer we have received has been good, since our guests´ response has been truly marvelous. The first year we began with the program, we had a participation average of 74% of all our guests; the second year the participation was also 74%; however, in 2017 the percentage of guests that agreed to donate increased to 81%, giving as a result a total of $1,027,249 Mexican Pesos.

    Additionally, the group that we belong to, Quinta del Golfo de Cortéz, offers an additional annual donation because our shareholders are convinced by the wonderful work that LCCF conducts.

    For us, it is a great privilege to continue contributing to the work that LCCF carries out, since their goals meet ours goals in terms of providing support and medical assistance to the people with a lower income. Therefore, we grant LCCF all of our trust and we choose them as the vehicle to carry out these actions, because it also happens to be a very well-structured organism.

    This is the reason why we plan to continue with this initiative. We’ll keep our guests and members well informed in regards to the power of their contributions, inviting them not to stop their actions there and in case they are interested in providing more help, invite them to do so.

  • Mexico'a Tourist Enviromental Quiality Certificate

    It is granted by the PROFEPA (Federal Environmental Protection), a governmental organism in charge of handling and controlling the environmental deterioration in Mexico, through the inspection of companies, according to the environmental regulations.

    Quinta del Golfo de Cortez, S.A. de C.V. (Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos Hotel) joined the Environmental Audit Program in the year 2004, with the registered number #2731. Afterwards, they carried out the corresponding endorsement, achieving their goal in June 2007. The endorsement process corresponded to the Environmental Diagnosis. Due to the detection of areas of opportunity and improvement that needed an investment, as well as time for the implementation of activities, it required the creation of an action plan seeking a way to provide attention through corrective and preventive measures focused on the discoveries found.

    The action plan that consists of 31 activates was established through actions that included the modification of infrastructure, maintenance, training and the elaboration of documents and formats. The implementation of all of these actions was considered as an environmental administration system, therefore, it was until the third trimester of 2011 when the company managed to cover all the actions that derived from the action plan.

    2013, complies with all the assessment audit rubrics and earns the recertification.
    2015, participates in the audit plan in order to obtain the endorsement, achieving the recertification.
    2017, The Environmental Diagnosis is conducted for the endorsement process, complying with all audited matters, achieving the endorsement with a validity period of up to: April 2020.

  • Excellence in Service & Gold Crown Award 2017

    • Nine consecutive years receiving the Excellence in Service Award
    • 15 years of belonging to the Gold Crown Resort Category

    For the ninth consecutive year, Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos is being recognized for its standards of excellence and is receiving the “Excellence in Service” Award granted by the vacation exchange company, RCI (Resort Condominiums International). This award honors those resorts that manage to exceed the expectations regarding hospitality, service, amenities, maintenance, housekeeping, cleanliness and facilities. Nowadays, only 5% of the vacation clubs affiliated to RCI have reached these quality and client service standards month after month.
    This recognition was granted by Mr. Juan Ignacio Rodriguez, current Vice President of Business Development of RCI Mexico.
    In addition, Mr. Miguel Angel Loya –Director of Business Development of RCI Pacific– granted a second recognition called the Gold Crown Resort which is awarded to those resorts that manage to exceed the different service and quality fields. We have received this award for the last 15 years consecutively

    The great value that both awards possess is the fact that it is the same RCI members that visit Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos those who grade the various factors mentioned above through a survey they answer after each stay, thus contributing to these awards with more credibility and trust.
    Likewise, Mr. Ernesto de la Parra, Director of Operations at Hacienda del Mar, congratulated all the property staff for the hard work they provide day after day in order to offer their guests the ultimate vacation experience, allowing the company to be recognized as extraordinary, standing out for the magnificent work carried out by the different departments, such as the reception, reservations, housekeeping, maintinence, bell boys, activities and timeshare sales during 2017.

  • Distintivo “S” 

    The recognition Distintivo “S” is granted by the Department of Tourism of Mexico, to those companies certified by the Environmental Protection Attorney General´s Office (Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente - PROFEPA), under the category of Environmental Tourism Quality.
    In Los Cabos, the Distintivo S recognitions awarded by PROFEPA was granted to the Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos Hotel. There is a possibility that SECTUR has granted even more recognitions, but this information has still yet to be confirmed.
    The rooms have an energy saving systems installed, such as the Onity. This system places sensors in the terraces that can identify if the terrace´s door is not fully closed, the Air-conditioning will not activate, thus avoiding an unnecessary waste of energy. The rooms also have the Energy Eye system installed, which is the use of cards in order to activate or deactivate the electric energy in the rooms, particularly illumination.

    In terms of water
    The hotel offers the Make Green Choice program. Each guest is given a voucher with an economic value that can be exchanged at participating consumption centers or a value of 150 Starpoints to accumulate. In the rooms at Hacienda del Mar, we have the green card program, which consists of the following: the guest places the card only if he wishes to have his bed sheets changed.
    Water-saving equipment has been installed in various areas, for example, in the showers.
    The areas evaluated are the following: Water, energy, the production of Co2, the consumption of drinking water, the amount of waste sent to the landfill, the amount of recycled waste, paper products, cleaning products, pesticide products… an 80% of all of these must achieve an improvement in order for the recognition to be awarded. Nowadays, we must focus on achieving to decrease the consumption of water and energy.
    We are also evaluated with our compromise with the community, where we´re asked to demonstrate The Policy of Social and Environmental Sustainability of our property, as well as all the activities that we carry out in order to support our community.
    The time periods when we were evaluated were the past two years. This time, we were examined during the periods of 2015 and 2016.

    Within the area of Los Cabos, the only ones to receive the recognition was: HACIENDA DEL MAR LOS CABOS - MS. PATRICIA LAVOIGNET (REPRESENTATIVE)

  • Grand Luxury Award presentations for Los Cabos 2017

    The presentation ceremony for the 2017 Grand Luxury Award was held at Pitayitas Bar at Pitahayas Restaurant on June 15, 2017. The International Hospitality Association awarded three “Grand Luxury Award 2017” plagues to an equal number of restaurants in the municipality of Los Cabos.The winners were Don Sanchez, Edith’s, and Pitahayas. Mr. Ulrich Schwartz, president of The Association of International Hospitality presided over the ceremony.

    The International Hotel & Restaurant Association (IHRA) is an international trade association representing the interests of the hotel and restaurant industries.

    The Grand Luxury Award is a symbol of excellence and quality, through the experience provided in each establishment.

  • Hacienda del Mar Aerial Views

    Tourist Corridor, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México.

    These aerial photographs were taken during July 2017.

    Look More Photos

  • Press Release: Nueva Identidad Visual Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos

    Quinta del Golfo de Cortéz impulsó el cambio de identidad visual y posicionamiento de marca de uno de sus proyectos en Los Cabos que es Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos.

    El lanzamiento interno de la nueva imagen se llevó a cabo el 29 de marzo de 2016 en los salones Hacienda 2 y 3 del Centro de convenciones de Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Golf & Spa Resort contando con la presencia de la mayor parte de los asociados que laboran en este desarrollo.

    Así mismo estuvieron presentes algunos de los accionistas de Quinta del Golfo de Cortéz como Jose Cárdenas.

    La primera parte de la presentación fue hecha por el Lic. Eduardo Flores Peña, Director de Proyecto de Solaz Los Cabos quien además está a cargo de la Administración y Marketing de Ventas de Hacienda del Mar y actual Presidente de ASUDESTICO, quien describió un poco de la historia de Hacienda del Mar la cual comenzó en el año de 1994 como el resultado de los esfuerzos realizados por un grupo de soñadores, hombres de negocio y audaces empresarios del estado de Sinaloa acuñado en el año de 1994, quienes convencidos de la posibilidad de combinar lo que les presentaba la naturaleza de los Cabos con un proyecto de diseño y arquitectura innovador, vertieron todo su entusiasmo e imaginación para superar todos los obstáculos que se presentaron y convertir su inversión en una empresa exitosa.

    Explicó que este gran cambio responde a diversas razones entre las cuales destacó como principales a las tendencias del mercado; a la expansión potencial que tendrá Los Cabos en los próximos años como uno de los principales destinos turísticos de México por lo cual hay que estar preparado y “vestido para la ocasión”.

    Así mismo comentó que después de 21 años hay un hecho que también marca un parteaguas en la historia de Quinta del golfo de Cortéz y que marca su crecimiento: la construcción de un nuevo integrante del grupo: Solaz Los Cabos. Por lo que es necesario también comenzar a alinear ambos productos en lo que a imagen se refiere.

    Seguido del Lic. Flores tomo el micrófono Erick Rodríguez Velasco, Gerente de Marketing Digital de Hacienda del Mar y Solaz Los Cabos quien presentó los conceptos estratégicos de Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos: su Misión, Visión y Valores para después presentar el nuevo posicionamiento de marca que radica en los comentarios y reseñas de sus huéspedes quienes tienen un punto de coincidencia que es “sentirse como en casa”.

    Con respecto a la Identidad Visual describió que el nuevo logotipo está inspirado en las figuras más representativas de Hacienda del Mar con cúpulas y arcos que colocados en un conjunto simétrico a su vez da vida a una H justo en el centro; describió el uso de una paleta de colores con más vida que permitirá ser más creativos en el uso de su marca así como una tipografía más clásica y atemporal.